Keywords have been added.  Modern spelling has been used, for example Quebec instead of Quebeck

Mission Statement:
 Kent Memorial Library is fortunate to house a number of primary sources that give an intimate glimpse to the past.  The intent of this digital library is to digitize the material that is of interest and is still in good enough condition to handle safely.  The focus for the short term will be on diaries, daybooks, and account books. 

Collection Policy:
 The primary source material that is used for this digital library is in varying stages of condition, from good to very fragile.  The material that has been digitized so far, are copies of original diaries.  The King and Leavitt diaries have been transcribed by unnamed individuals.  All three diaries have more pages that will be added to this site.  Originals contained here are housed at the Kent Memorial Library.

Notes on use: The pages contained within have been saved as gif images.  Every effort has been made to generate images that were legible, but also compressed enough to load relatively quickly.  For more ease of use, there are full size images as well as thumbnails, the information contained is the same. 
Keywords have been included for every page.  Place names and names of individuals  make up the bulk of the keywords.  Every effort has been made to provide navigation throughout the library.  In the absence of navigation aides, use your browser's back arrow.  The search function is from a service outside of this library.    The search results will appear in the main section of the library's initial page.  When finished with searching, click Home, on the navigation frame to return to the start of the digital library. A simplified Dublin Core template has been used.  The intent for this library is that content will be added of a similar nature to what is here, but as work progresses, photographs, letters and account books will be included.

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