Print your own museum pass!

Our museum passes can now be reserved from your own computer, and you can print most of them yourself!  (Just remember,  some passes are not printable and will need to be picked up from and returned to the library.)

                      Get started
Click here to view a list of museums.
Or, click here to select a date, then choose from available museums.


How to reserve and print a pass:

  • Select the museum and date you want to reserve.
    Enter your Suffield library card number.
    Click on Reserve your pass button.
    Not all museum passes are printable.  For the non-printable pass you must still come into the library to check out the returnable pass.
  • For printable passes:
    A confirmation will appear and you will have the option to either Print Pass or Email Pass to Me.

Print your pass:
You have only ONE chance to print a pass.
If you can not print the pass at home, you can still make the reservation online and a library staff member will print the pass for you. These passes must be presented in PRINTED pass format.  Electronic versions on tablets and smartphones
will not be accepted.

Always check the museum website for hours of operation and closing date information!  All links are on the reserve page.

Cancel or View a Reservation:  If you are unable to use your pass on the day you reserved, please cancel it so that someone else may use the pass.  To cancel a reservation click here.  You must log in using your library card and click on cancel your reservation.

You may reserve a pass up to 90 days.

All passes are funded by the Friends of Kent Memorial Library. You must be a Suffield resident.  You must be 18 years of age or older with a valid library card to check out a museum pass.