Crochet a Holiday Winter Set:  A Gift or For You! with Alexis Leonard

Alexis is a kindergarten teacher who is also passionate about crochet.  She has her own crochet business, Simply in Stitches, where she sells cute little animals, gift baskets to keychains and other requests.  She has thought of a great crochet project for adults and children, 4th grade and older, and for all abilities, especially beginners because Alexis is a great instructor!  The first project will be a scarf, then hat and finger-less gloves when participants are ready.  The classes are free but participants need to buy their own supplies.  This is what is needed for the scarf, the first project:

  • 2 skeins of “Red Heart Super Saver” of any color. Each skein of yarn is about $4, available at Wal-Mart, Joann Fabric and Michaels

  • Crochet Hook “I or 5.5mm” (that letter is the letter I as in iguana). The hook costs $2-3

  • Yarn Needle (the metal is the most durable, but plastic will work). The Needle costs $2-3.

  • Scissors