Your vote counts!  Consider the environment and its importance in the upcoming State elections.  On Wednesday, September 5 at 7 p.m. at the Kent Memorial Library,  61 Ffyler Place, Lori Brown, the Executive Director of the CT League of Conservation Voters will discuss the need to make the environment an issue.  The discussion will be on a bipartisan level.  Huge environmental policy issues will be decided by Connecticut’s next Governor, and many legislative battles are on the horizon at our state legislature in 2019. Who we elect will matter in how these battles will play out.   With our state water plan, our state energy plan, and our core conservation values for open space all in the balance, we need to make the environment an issue that all candidates talk about this election   cycle. What are the important questions to ask, how do you get them to respond, and how to hold them accountable if they win!  Please attend this important free meeting.  Register at suffield-library.org or 860-668-3896.


The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) is a bipartisan, statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting Connecticut’s environment by making it a priority for our elected leaders. ​As a legislative watchdog, CTLCV helps to pass laws that protect our air, water, wildlife, open space, and our health. CTLCV elects pro-environment candidates to office, informs them on issues and holds all of our elected officials accountable.