This contemporary comedy reveals the hopes, dreams and fears of three elderly ladies who spark their lonely lives by meeting daily in the rest room lounge of an outdated downtown department store, and the crazy/touching events that occur the day one of them is supposedly threatened. There’s Myrah, with a fighting spirit that totters into the absurd; Violet, a leftover from the days of elegance; and Winifred, a wisp of a woman who wanders in and out of reality. A steady stream of bizarre events occur as the ladies seek to protect Winifred from being taken away by her sister Clare, leading to a blockade of the rest room and a final triumph over those who would threaten their fragile freedom.

A very funny play of character and situations. You can’t get much better than that writingwise: check out William Shakespeare…” – Appleton Post Crescent

“Visit to Rosenblooms is worth the trip. Quirky characters, punchy lines and light hearted humor.” – Driftwood News, Canada

“Hilarious one minute and surpisingly touching the next.” – Gallery Theatre, California

“It’s comedy, but has very poignant moments in it as well.” –