The most common surgical treatment for Parkinson’s disease is deep brain stimulation (DBS), although it is used for other debilitating disorders.  Dr. Mohama Khaled, a neurosurgery specialist will discuss DBS on Thursday, September 28 at 7:00 p.m. at the Kent Memorial Library, 61 Ffyler Place.  Similar to available drug treatments, DBS does not slow down the disease or restore sick and dying nerve cells affected by Parkinson’s disease, but rather offers symptomatic benefits. In DBS, a thin electrode is implanted into the brain, targeting motor circuits that are not functioning properly. Small electrical pulses from a device similar to a cardiac pacemaker are then used to stimulate a small brain region and block the signals that cause some Parkinson’s symptoms. Dr. Khaled will discuss what the DBS procedure entails, FDA approved devices and other pertinent research. Please sign up for the program at or call the library at 860-668-3896.