Have you thought about how you would like your bugs to be served? On Thursday, July 13 at 6:30pm, David Gracer, a renowned expert will share the nutritional benefits of eating insects and why that practice can save the planet.  If you can get past the “eww factor,” the audience can sample different insects.

David Gracer is an English instructor at the Community College of Rhode Island.  He’s appeared on the National Geographic Channel in a reality T.V show, where 20 people attempted to cross the Serengeti plains in Africa.  He’s also appeared on Comedy Central with Stephen Colbert.  But eating insects is not a laughing matter to Gracer.  For that reason he engages his audience in critical thinking with a bit of whimsical fun mixed in.  This program is guaranteed to spark your interest in the many cultures that currently dine on the tiny creatures we call bugs, and how that practice may be coming to us in the future.  You’re welcome to bring insects along for David to identify.  The program location will be available on the website when you register. Check out David’s interview with Stephen Colbert.