The Changing Face of Inter-Library Loans

iconnInter-library borrowing will look a little different during June, July, and August. Not to worry. We (i.e., the state library) are just making some changes.

Due to technical changes at the Connecticut State Library, our inter-library loan system will rely more heavily on our Bibliomation network, as ReQuest will be laid to rest and development of a new system may not be in place until late summer or early fall.

Q: Will I still be able to get items from other libraries?

A: Yes, 99% of Inter-Library Loans (ILLs) for the Kent Memorial Library are obtained through the Bibliomation network. Most arrive within a few days. You can usually place holds on these items by yourself through the Library’s catalog. Please ask library staff for help if you need it.

Q: Will I be able to find items in libraries outside the network?

A: Yes, through May 20. After that the ReQuest system will be suspended until a new computer system is put in place by the State Library. You can also look at individual library catalogs online for specific titles.

Q: Will I be able to request items from libraries outside the Bibliomation network?

A: Yes, Suffield residents may continue to request items from outside the Bibliomation network, but on a limited basis. Processing times are likely to be longer than in the past. Non-residents can ask their hometown libraries to make these requests.

Q: Why is this service being suspended?

A: The answer is partly technical and partly financial. The State Library budget has been cut continually for many years now and has decided to provide the statewide ReQuest catalog through a new, less expensive, source. The transition is technically complex and will require at least a few months to complete.

Q: How long is this transition going to take?

A: The State Library hopes to have the new system online in the fall, but there is no specific date yet. We will provide updates when we know more.

Q: Is this related to the cuts to the State Library?

A: Yes, because the State Library, along with all other state agencies, has been subject to ongoing cuts for several years now, reducing the amount available for all State Library programs.