Beginning Wednesday, March 8 at 2:00-3:30 p.m.  Great Decisions
Held at Suffield Senior Center

Great Decisions is America’s largest discussion program on world affairs, designed by the American Foreign Policy Association.  It is an 8-week program which we will run every other week.  Individuals who register for the program will receive a Briefing Book, paid for by The Friends of Kent Memorial Library.  The Briefing Book are available at the library.  Each week that the group meets, participants will read about the issue in the Briefing Book before the discussion and then discuss it at the meeting.  The issues, which will be discussed are the most critical global issues facing America today:

The Future of Europe

Trade and Politics

Conflict in the South China Sea

Saudi Arabia in Transition

U.S. Foreign Policy and Petroleum

Latin America’s Political Pendulum

Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan

Nuclear Security