Patron Behavior Policy




A patron whose behavior is considered disruptive to the use of the library by staff may be asked to leave the libraryís premises.A patron who refuses to leave under these circumstances is trespassing.The staff member in charge shall be responsible for handling the problem and may seek assistance from library administration or a local law enforcement agency if needed.


The Library Director is authorized to suspend a patronís library privileges for violation of federal or state law, local codes, or library regulations, or for disruptive behavior.The patron has the right to appeal to the Library Board of Directors by filing a notice of appeal with the Library within 10 days of the date privileges were suspended.



Compliance: Failing to comply with library regulations and with instructions or requests made by library staff with respect to library regulations is strictly prohibited.


Destruction: Destruction, theft, or defacing of library property, including tampering with technology systems or computer hardware, software, and data is strictly prohibited.


Weapons: The carrying of any pistol, revolver or other firearm with similar characteristics or likeness, or any weapon onto library property, except by law enforcement personnel, is strictly prohibited.


Unruliness: Dangerous and unruly behavior disruptive to library users is not allowed.


Abusiveness: Behavior that is abusive to library patrons and/or staff will not be tolerated.


Language: Abusive or obscene language is not allowed in the library.


Smoking: Use of tobacco products is not permitted in the library.


Food/Drink: Food is not permitted in public areas of the library, except in large library meeting rooms during scheduled meetings when approved in advance, or in other designated areas.Beverages are permitted in public areas of the library only in screw-top containers.


Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on library premises.


Pets: Pets are not permitted in the library.Service animals are not prohibited.


Dress: Patrons will be appropriately dressed.


Skating: Skating and skateboarding are prohibited in library buildings and on any library property.Skates must be removed before entering the library.


Electronic devices: Use of cell phones is limited to designated lobby areas and study rooms only.Patrons entering the main area of the library will turn off phones or set to vibrate mode.CD players, cassette players, MP3 and iPods may be used as long as they do not disturb other library patrons or staff.


Patrons and staff should be respectful of othersí space and property.


The Library is not responsible for patronís lost or stolen property.


Rev. 1/05