Minutes of the Meeting

Kent Memorial Library Commission

September 10, 2013


Bob White called the meeting to order at 7:01 P.M.


I. Roll Call

Present: Michael Alexopoulos, Robert Brooks, Mel Chafetz, M.P. Coatti, Joan Greenfield, Claire Kawalec, Chris Rago, Bruce Rietberg, Robert White, and Joyce Wilson.

Absent: Lynne Cigal and Joe Grimard.

Also Present: Library Director Jim McShane.


II. Public Participation None


III. Minutes

After agreeing to two changes: the year of the date of the June meeting to 2013 and the spelling of Rietberg, the minutes of the June 11, 2013 were approved.


The Library Director then requested a change in agenda to include an executive session. M. P. Coatti made the motion, seconded by Bruce Rietberg, to hold an executive session after the New Business section of the meeting and before Adjournment. The motion passed unanimously.


IV. Communications Received None


V. Report of the Director


VI. Standing Committee Reports None


VII. Unfinished Business

Chris Rago reported that events at the Library’s Suffield on the Green booth went smoothly on September 7-8. The architectural plan for the new entrance attracted many people. She asked that the Community Relations Committee consider meeting this fall to consider plans for next year’s Suffield on the Green. Many recommended adding a Kindle to next year’s raffle items.


Mel Chafetz and Jim McShane met with Joe Sangiovanni today and learned that no asbestos was found during a recent inspection. The existing ducts are in good condition.


Mel Chafetz reported that the Library Foundation has received some larger donations toward the new entrance. A recent meeting with the architect produced a timeline for the construction, with July 1, 2014 identified as a possible breaking-ground date. The original projected cost of the project increased from 1.1 to 1.2 million dollars to include parking.


Mel recognized the need for establishing a way to acknowledge donors. M. P. Coatti and Jim McShane volunteered to work on this project.


VIII. New Business

The Friends of the Kent Memorial Library raised $16,044 during the two-day Suffield on the Green Book Sale. 767 of 1230 available boxes of books were sold.

Many volunteered to help manage and conduct the book sale operation on Saturday and Sunday, and many more worked all day Monday on close-up responsibilities. The Friends group seeks additional volunteers in the future.


The last strategic plan originated in 2005, and planning should begin for a new one.


At 8:20 Chris Rago made the motion, seconded by Bruce Rietberg to go into executive session. At 8:32 M.P. Coatti made the motion, seconded by Joan Greenfield, to end the executive session.


IX. Adjournment

Bob White made the motion, seconded by Mel Chafetz, to adjourn at 8:34 P.M.

The next scheduled meeting is October 8, 2013.


Respectfully submitted,

Joyce M. Wilson


September 16, 2013