Minutes of Meeting
Kent Memorial Library Commission

September 8, 2009
Bob White called the meeting to order at 7:35.

I Roll Call
Present: M. Alexopoulos, M. Chafetz, L. Cigal, M.P. Coatti, C. Kawalec, B. Rietberg, R.
White and J. Wilson.
Absent: D. Battle, J. Lobo and C Rago.

Also Present: Library Director Jim McShane and Kim Lord (after 8:30 PM).
At the outset of the meeting Lynne Cigal made the motion, seconded by Bruce Rietberg,
to add Investment Policy Revision to the agenda of Section VIII: New Business. The
motion passed unanimously.

II Public Participation None
III Minutes

M.P. Coatti made the motion, seconded by Bruce Rietberg, to amend the June 9, 2009
minutes in Section VIII to state that she had made the motion requesting that $5000 be
given to the KML Foundation. The motion passed.
IV Communication None

V Director’s Report
• Twenty-one people visited and used the resources of the Department of Labor van
on June 22.
• The Nipon Foundation will donate one hundred books about contemporary Japan
to KML.
• Over two hundred adults participated in the summer reading program; the
children’s summer reading program was equally successful. Thanks to Wendy
Taylor, Diane Morse, Lois Gracey and Sue Mack for their hard work.
• Plans for Suffield on the Green are finalized.
• The Suffield Garden Club has adopted KML and will work to rejuvenate its
• The Director presented two options for replacing the current phone system that
suffered serious malfunctioning problems this summer. He will investigate a third
option and report back to the Commission in October.
• The Director discussed removing alcoves in one section of the Library so as to
provide more space for the collection and for replacing furniture in the Library’s
public spaces.
• The Director has been appointed chair of the Advisory Council for Library
Planning and Development at the Connecticut State Library and elected to the
Board of Directors of Bibliomation, Inc.
• Bibliomation reconfigured its telecommunications network over the Labor Day
• The competition for a new library card design yielded a winner. Mel Chafetz
made a motion, seconded by Lynne Cigal, for the Library to purchase new library
cards reflecting the winning design at a cost not to exceed $1500. The motion
passed unanimously.

VI Standing Committees
Finance Mike Alexopoulos reported that the Library’s investment funds are now being
managed by Merrill Lynch. Bob White praised the extensive research and effort put in
by Mike Alexopoulos, David Battle and Claire Kawalec in finalizing this decision.
Buildings and Grounds Jim McShane outlined in his report the Library’s current needs
for a new phone system, new furniture, and some restructuring so as to create more space
for the collection.

Community Relations
Mike Alexopoulos outlined the KML Commission’s plans for Suffield on the Green.
Special Committee 2009 Fundraiser
M.P. Coatti reported the arrival of a few more contributions to the annual fund.

VII Unfinished Business Strategic Planning
The Harford Foundation for Public Giving does allocate technical grant money to
libraries in the state for the purpose of hiring consultants to assist them in long range
planning. Mel Chafetz made the motion, seconded by Mike Alexopoulos, to apply to the
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving for such a grant. The motion passed unanimously.

VIII New Business
After presenting three new investment policies, one for the Fuller Memorial Fund, one
for General Endowment Fund, and one for the Capital Account, Mike Alexopoulos made
the motion, seconded by Claire Kawalec, to replace the existing investment policy with
the aforementioned three. The motion passed unanimously.
When Ruth Zimmerman’s resigned as KML Commission President, Bob White agreed to
serve as President until the Commission elects a new President. The Commission
members must make recommendations for Mr. White’s replacement within the week, and
the Commission will vote at its next meeting.
Claire Kawalec volunteered to replace Ms. Zimmerman on the KML Foundation.
IX Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:30.