Minutes of Meeting

Kent Memorial Library Commission

October 9, 2012


Lynne Cigal called the meeting to order at 7:06 P.M.


I Roll Call

Present: L. Cigal, J. Grimard, J. Lobo, C. Rago, B. White, and J. Wilson.

Absent: M. Alexopoulos, D. Battle, M. Chafetz, S. Coatti, C. Kawalec, B. Rietberg.

Also Present: Library Director Jim McShane


II Public Participation None


III Minutes

Joe Grimard made the motion, seconded by Chris Rago, to accept the September 11, 2012 minutes. The motion passed, but since there was not a quorum, the minutes will be voted again next month.


IV Communications Received None


V Report of the Director


VI Standing Committees None


VII Unfinished Business

Ed McAnaney forwarded the study plans for a new library entrance to Patrick McMahon.


VIII New Business

Those present made recommendations for changes to the by-laws of the Kent Memorial Library Board of Trustees. These changes will be voted on next month.


The next meeting of the Library Commission is November 13, 2012.


IX Adjournment The meeting adjourned at 8:11 P.M.



Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Wilson

October 16, 2012