Minutes of Meeting
Kent Memorial Library Commission
March 12, 2013

Lynne Cigal called the meeting to order at 7:04 P.M.

I. Roll Call
Present: Michael Alexopoulus, Mel Chafetz, Lynne Cigal, M.P. (Sam) Coatti, Joe Grimard, Claire Kawalec, Bruce Reitberg and Joyce Wilson.

Absent: Chris Rago and Bob White

Also Present: Library Director Jim McShane

II. Public Participation:
Tecton architect Marco Tommasini presented and explained the schematic site plan design for the proposed new library entrance to the commission members. The two level addition would include an elevator and provide ground access to the library. Construction would take approximately six months.

III. Minutes:
Joe Grimard made the motion, seconded by Sam Coatti, to accept February minutes. The motion passed unanimously.

IV. Communication Received:

The Board of Selectmen recently appointed Joan Greenfield to the KMLC to replace Jason Lobo.
A second opening on the Commission created by David Battle's resignation also awaits filling. Commission President Lynne Cigal reported that she received a resume from long time Suffield resident Becky Fuller who is interested in joining the Commission.

V. Report of the Director:

The Director reported that on overhead projector and a screen have been added t the computer area to facilitate classes for the public. In addition he thanked the Friends of Kent Memorial Library for their continued generous support.

Most March programming spaces are full. In addition to the regular monthly programs such as Socrates' Cafe, Thursday Readers and Story time, a number of new events enhance this month's schedule. These include:
Erin Monroe of the Wadsworth Athenaeum will present a program on Andrew Wyeth on March 26.
Author Peter Burns will discuss his book about UCONN and Jim Calhoun on March 12.
Astrophysicist Kevin Manning captivated over 70 people with his Astronomy for everyone presentation on March 4.
The World Book Discussion Group will consider Ann Patchett's State of Wonder on March 21.
The Contemporary Art History Workshop continues through April 10.
The Spaulding Elementary Music Class performed on March 6, and the Suffield High School Jazz Ensemble will perform on March 19.
The Fancy Nancy Party will occur on March 23.
Movies have been very well attended this month.
Local photographer Heather Conley, will host a Business After Hours for the Chamber of Commerce on March 26. Her pictures can be viewed in the gallery all this month.

VI. Standing Committee Reports:
Committee chair Michael Alexopoulus praised Claire Kawalec and Mel Chafetz for spearheading the search for an investment group to manage the Library's funds. They received six proposals and interviewed three firms to replace Merrill Lynch who steps down this month as the Library's investment group.

Mel Chafetz made the motion , seconded by Claire Kawalec, that the Sky Investment Group be hired to manage the funds of the Kent Memorial Library. The motion passed unanimously. Subsequently, Michael Alexopoulus made the motion, seconded by Sam Coatti, that he be the first authorized representative and the Claire Kawalec be the second authorized representative of the Kent Memorial Library. That motion passed unanimously.

Mel Chafetz attended recent Historic District Commission and Heritage Committee meetings where he had the opportunity to present Tecton's plans for the proposed new library entrance. As the president of the Library Foundation, Mel reported the Foundation's plan to sponsor a fundraising event on April 30 where Andre Dubus III, author of House of Sand and Fog and Townie , will speak and sign books. Proceeds from this event will help fund the new entrance to the Library.


VII: Unfinished Business:

Lynne Cigal will complete the by-law revision in a week.

VIII: New Business:

The Commission hopes a replacement for David Battle can be appointed soon.

The next meeting of the KMLC will be on April 9 at 7:00 P.M.

IX: Adjournment:

Bruce Rietberg made the motion, seconded by Sam Coatti, to adjourn at 8:47 P.M.

Respectfully submitted ,
Joyce M. Wilson
March 13, 2013