Minutes of Meeting

Kent Memorial Library Commission

June 11, 2013


Bob White called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

I. Roll Call

Present: Michael Alexopoulos, Bob Brooks, Mel Chafetz, Joan Greenfield, Joe Grimard, Chris Rago, Bruce Reitberg.

Absent: Lynne Cigal, Sam Coatti, and Joyce Wilson.

Also present: Library Director, Jim McShane


II. Public Participation None


III. Minutes

Bob White made this correction: should read “ZAK”, not “ZACK”. The minutes were thus approved; motion made by Bob Brooks and seconded by Joan Greenfield.


IV. Communications Received None


V. Report of the Director

The library’s movie series will feature such films as Gone With the Wind, Jack Reacher, and Deanna Durbin films.


The three summer reading programs begin on Saturday, June 15. Bubbleology is the interactive program for children. The adult program includes prizes donated by local businesses. The teen program details are on the library website.


The World Books Discussion group is doing Gareth Stein’s, The Art of Racing in the Rain on June 13th.


The summer Courtyard Concerts will begin on July 3 and follow for the next 3 Wednesdays in July.


Two new databases will be available soon to library patrons. They are Zinio (a downloadable magazine database) and Indieflix (a downloadable video source of independent films.


The Library’s Facebook feed has now reached over 900 people.


VI. Standing Committee Reports


Michael Alexopolous reported that the Library's funds are now 60-70% invested with Skye Investment Group at this time. Michael also gave copies of the investment policies to our two new members.


VII. Unfinished Business

Library Improvement and ADA Update and Discussion

Jim reported that the town will be doing some renovation work on exterior brickwork and ductwork. He is waiting to speak with the engineer regarding this work. Mel reported that we will not hear anything about the STEAP Grant until September and the Library Foundation is sending townspeople requests for financial support of the new library entrance.


VIII. New Business

Suffield on the Green

Chris Rago reported that she will be meeting with Sam Coatti to gather necessary information to plan this year's participation in the event. Our event will be held

on the library grounds, next to the book sale. A lively discussion followed which was filled with ideas for a theme, offers of balloon animal-making, and help with set-up and breakdown of the booth. A motion was made and approved to allow the use of up to $1,000 for this booth's activities. Chris will be sending group email messages to inform all of the plans and staffing requests. The discussion of a theme brought about the idea of the new entranceway and its enhancement of the library not only in ADA compliance but also in the way of improved aesthetics.


The next meeting of the KMLC will be Tuesday, September, 10 at 7 P.M.


IX. Adjournment

Mel Chafetz made the motion, seconded by Bob White, to adjourn at 7:51 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Christine M. Rago

June 14, 2013