Minutes of Meeting

Kent Memorial Library Commission

January 11, 2011

Bob White called the meeting to order at 7:05.

I Roll Call

Present: Alexopoulis, Chafetz, Grimard, Kawalec, Rago, Rietberg, White & Wilson.

Absent Battle, Cigal, Coatti, & Lobo.

Also Present Library Director Jim McShane

II Public Participation Eileen Moncrief

Bob White asked to modify the agenda by moving the election of officers to the beginning of the meeting. Upon approval by all members, he made the motion, seconded by Claire Kawalec, to accept the slate of officers presented by Mr. Chafetz. A unanimous vote approved the following: President - Lynn Cigal; Vice -President - Bob White; Treasurer - Mike Alexopoulos; and Secretary - Joyce Wilson.

III Minutes

Bob White made the motion, seconded by Bruce Rietberg, to make the following changes to the November 9, 2010 minutes: under the Director’s Report change $139 to $139,000 for roof repairs and change 2012 to 2011; under New Business change 2012 to 2011; and under Adjournment correct the spelling of Bruce Rietberg’s last name.

IV Communication

1. Bob White received a letter from Merrill Lynch.

2. Mel Chafetz received a letter from Cheryl Doran regarding a library survey and renovation. Bob White will call her.


V Director’s Report


Mel Chafetz made the motion, seconded by Chris Rago, to accept the proposed Library budget for 2011-2012. The motion passed unanimously.


VI Standing Committees



The Finance Committee met earlier in the evening of January 11 to review the portfolio with the Merrill Lynch representatives managing the KML accounts. The Committee will await the outcome of the new library before making changes to the portfolio. The Committee will meet again in April. Bob White thanked the Committee for their hard work.


The Finance Committee approved replenishing the $500 on the debit card for use by the Director.


Special Committees

The Library Foundation is putting together a strategy, marketing plan, and advertising plan for the new library.



VII Unfinished Business

Commission members who attended the January 10, 2011 meeting of the Board of Finance summarized the results of that meeting.


Selectwoman Moncrief recommended that Commission members communicate their support of a new library to members of the Board of Selectmen.

VIII New Business

The next meeting is February 8, 2011.

IX Adjournment

Bob White made the motion, seconded by Chris Rago, to adjourn at 8:40 P.M.




Respectfully submitted,

Joyce M. Wilson

Secretary of the Commission

January 18, 2011