Minutes of Meeting

Kent Memorial Library Commission

September 13, 2011



Lynne Cigal called the meeting to order at 7:03 P.M.


I   Roll Call

Present: M. Chafetz, L. Cigal, S. Coatti, J. Grimard, C. Kawalec, C. Rago, B. Rietberg, B. White, and J. Wilson

Absent: M. Alexpoulos, D. Battle, and J. Lobo

Also Present: Library Director Jim McShane


II   Public Participation        None


III    Minutes

Mel Chafetz made the motion, seconded by Joe Grimard, to accept the minutes of the June 14, 2011 meeting.  The motion passed.


IV  Communication

The Commission received a thank you note from Commission member Chris Rago for the fruit basket the members gave her during her illness this past spring.


V   Report of the Director

·        The new video projector for the auditorium arrived.

·        The library has moved and reopened on September 12.  Thanks to the staff for their hard work in moving and setting up in Town Hall.

·        The Children’s and Young Adult’s reading programs were very active this past summer.

·        The Adult Summer Reading Program attracted over three hundred participants this summer.  Special events included presentations by authors Jeff Blumenfeld, Ann Hood and Diane Smith of Positively Connecticut.

·        The Courtyard Program series hosted three groups of performers in July.

·        Thanks to the staff for their hard work organizing and conducting all the summer programs and activities.

·        The work on the roof has begun and is expected to take three months.

·        The Director met with an interior designer to discuss possible changes to the interior layout of the library.

·        The closing of the library provides the opportunity to repair and refinish the hard wood floors, update the electrical capability, paint, purchase some new shelving, and replace the carpeting inside the library.  The brickwork in the Courtyard on the west side, on the north side, and on the east opening also need repair.  All of this repair would cost approximately $48,000 according to estimates provided by the Town’s Department of Public Works.


Following a discussion of the preceding item of the Director’s Report, Mel Chafetz made the motion, seconded by Claire Kawalec, to make a request to town officials for $48,000 for maintenance and improvements to the Library.  The motion passed unanimously.


VI  Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Mel Chafetz requested an executive session during the November meeting. 


Special Committee

Mel Chafetz reported that the Library Foundation will meet in two weeks. 


VII  Unfinished Business

·        The repairs to the roof will take three months.

·        The Library Commission will locate in the same place, outside the Library and adjacent to the Friends Book Sale, for the 2012 Suffield on the Green.

·        Special thanks to dedicated Library staff for their efficient, hard work in packing and moving the Library to Town Hall. 


VIII    New Business


Building and Grounds

·        Bob White displayed photographs of a recently refurbished chair in the auditorium that is fraying.  Jim McShane responded by saying he would contact and inform the official at the prison where the refurbishing was done of the deterioration.

·        Prior to the Friends Book Sale this past weekend Bob White and the staff trimmed the ivy and cleaned up the Courtyard. 

·        In the future, the Building and Grounds Committee will meet four times a year to assess needs.


Suffield on the Green

The Friends made $13,600 on the Book Sale.  In total, the group earned $16,900.


The next meeting is October 11, 2011 at 7 P.M. at the First National Bank.


IX  Adjournment

Bob White made the motion, seconded by Claire Kawalec, to adjourn at 8:31.