Kent Memorial Library Commission

Minutes of October 12, 2011 Meeting

First National Bank of Suffield


Prior to the formal meeting, Jim McShane guided members of the commission on a tour of the Kent Memorial Library, presently under construction with a roof replacement project.


Roll Call


Commission members present were: Lynne Cigal, M.P.Coatti, Bob White, and Michael Alexopoulos, Jr.  Chris Rago left the meeting just after the tour of Kent Memorial concluded.  Absent were Mel Chafetz, Bruce Rietberg, Jason Lobo, David Battle, Joe Grimard, Claire Kawalec, and Joyce Wilson.


Also present was Jim McShane.


Due to a lack of quorum, no official votes or action were taken at this meeting.


Public Participation                None


Minutes                                   No action taken


Public Communication           None


Report of the Director            Discussion included the following:


Recommendations and potential funding for interior improvements to the library.

Update on temporary operations in the lower level of the Town Hall.

New handheld technology available for public use.


Standing Committees             None


Unfinished Business                Roof Project Update

                                                Interior improvements


New Business                         Cancel November regular and schedule special meeting


Adjournment                           No formal action



Respectfully Submitted,

Michael Alexopoulos, Jr. Acting Secretary