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Hacksaw Ridge
Wednesday, March 15 at 2:00pm
Thursday, March 16 at 6:00pm
Friday, March 17 at 2:00pm
WWII Army medic Desmond T Doss (Andrew Garfield) becomes the first person to win a medal of Honor recipient without firing a shot. He serves in the Battle of Okinawa but refuses to kill people. Based on a true story. Nominated for Best Motion Picture, Andrew Garfield is nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, and Mel Gibson for Best Director. (Rated R; 2hr 19min)

Tuesday, March 21 at 2:00pm

Wednesday, March 22 at 2:00pm
Thursday, March 23 at 6:30pm
Friday, March 24 at 2:00pm
Natalie Portman portrays Jackie Kennedy through the time of her husband’s assassination. Ms. Portman is nominated for a Best Actress Oscar and Madeline Fontaine is nominated for a Best Costume Design. (Rated R; 1hr 40min)

Monday, March 27 at 2:00pm

Wednesday, March 29 at 2:00pm
Thursday, March 30 at 6:00pm
Friday, March 31 at 2:00pm
Based on a true story of a five year old Indian boy (Dev Patel) who becomes lost on the streets of Calcutta and is adopted by an Australian couple (Nicole Kidman and David Wenham). Years later he searches for his biological mother. Nominated for Best Motion Picture, Dev Patel nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Nicole Kidman for Best Supporting Actress.) (Rated PG-13; 1hr 58min)